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About Us

PCO Works is an event company in Japan (Tokyo). It was established in May 2009 as a professional company for conference management that places importance on 'networks, footwork and teamwork'.

As a professional organization supporting the development of proactive invitation policies for international conventions bringing together the public and private sectors, we are contributing to the development and stimulation of the Japanese convention industry, and we hope to make a contribution in terms of the internationalization of Japan, international relations and international cooperation.

Our mission is 'to create and provide spaces for a variety of people to meet'.

We use our unique approach to plan tailored, high quality events, and we take care to provide a service that fits your needs perfectly.

Our Services

General coordination of international meetings, international and domestic academic conferences/meetings in the medical field, company events (new product launches, pharmaceutical companies, seminars, symposiums, incentive events etc), general coordination of exhibitions etc.

  • Planning, consulting, general office management, overall schedule management
  • Editing/creation of documentation/websites, production of videos
  • Budget creation/management, venue set-up, conference management on the day, personnel placement, compilation of reports, exhibition management
  • Interpreting services: simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, interpreting for business meetings, liaison interpreting, on-site interpreting, provision of simultaneous interpreting equipment
  • Translation services: translation, native English-speaker proofreading, transcription
  • Exhibition supplies & solutions, booth design, banner stand, flag, panel, all exhibition displays
  • Inkjet printing, digital printing, brochures, flyers
  • Reception party, ceremony, staging, (Japanese traditional) performance, food & drink delivers


Order steps

1. EMAIL to us
2. Meeting
3. Estimate/Payment
4. Adjustment
5. Event day

PCO Works has staff members who are able to speak English and Chinese. Feel free to contact us by inquiry@pcoworks.jp if you are planning to hold a seminar or convention, or you require an interpreter or translator.

Kanda Urban Building 2F, 2-4-2 Kanda Tsukasamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0048, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3291-3636
Fax: +81-3-3291-3635
Email: inquiry@pcoworks.jp

Zoom video conferencing service has started!

If you feel difficulty with a face to face meeting (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic), you can choose our Zoom video conferencing instead.
Our staff will answer your questions in a chat meeting.

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